The best value on the custom integration market today!

NEW: We've added a USB source to the Solo.  The Solo now comes with a USB DAC and is capable of two discrete sources.  At under $600 MSRP, it's now the best value on the market!

The Solo is a two-source music server that supports premium streaming music apps or your own digital music collection.  Unlike consumer products such as Sonos, it supports 24/192 tracks and can output 192kHz/24-bit sound. Along with the streaming apps, it also syncs to multiple clients iTunes accounts as well as backing up those accounts on to any attached USB hard drive.  It also acts as an AirPlay receiver for a customer's mobile music collection.


The Solo delivers audiophile quality performance at an extremely affordable price point.  Additional Solo's can be added to any Summit OS music server to add additional discrete sources as needed.



Extremely affordable, high quality music server!



  • Full 192 kHz - 24 bit HD Audio

  • Audiophile Burr Brown DAC

  • Additional USB DAC for second discrete source

  • 24/192 HD track support

  • Fanless chassis

  • Runs on less than 3 watts of power

  • Two-way drivers for virtually all control systems

  • Free two-way apps for iOS & Android devices

  • Music sources includes:

    • Many popular streaming services

    • Multiple iTunes synchronization & backup

    • Internet radio stations

    • Other music files on network

    • Apple AirPlay



  • Dimensions: 6.75"H x 6"W x 1.4"D

  • Weight: 1lbs (0.45kg)

  • Operating temperature: 32°F-104°F

  • Electrical: 100-240V, 5.25v DC, 2 amp

  • Internal Storage Capacity: N/A

  • Connectors: RJ45 Ethernet, Power, 2xUSB,
    analog audio

  • File formats supported: Apple lossy & Apple Lossless (AAC & ALAC), MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA and FLAC






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