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We've received some clarification to the support of the Ovation Music Server driver for Savant systems.  The driver below will work with any TrueControl2 system. Their newer Savant App does not support the driver, however some dealers have tweaked the driver themselves to be able to use it on that system.


Please speak to your Savant contacts and urge them to officially support Fusion Ovation products
in all their systems just as all other major automation companies do.



We've been fortunate to have Marco Fedrizzi from Automated Lifestyles write a two-way driver for our Ovation servers.  His driver has been verified and used in hundreds of Savant projects throughout the United States works with the latest Savant builds.  Note:  This works on TotalControl2 systems.


The two-way driver made exclusively for use with Ovation products as an improvement over the older Logitech Squeezebox driver. This driver has improved performance as well as feature enhancements.


This profile is designed to be used with the Fusion Research - Ovation Music Streamer products. You will need to use one profile per stream that you would like to control. Refer to the Ovation manual for initial setup of the server.

Technical Tip:   If you are having any trouble with configuring the Ovation product with Savant, please be sure to review the "Savant Fusion Deployment Guide" which is available above. One item that many first time users miss is being sure to check the Edit box when configuring the RacePoint Blueprint. Once this is checked you will be able to put in your Fusion MAC address as well as your Host address.

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