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Integrators are creating amazing installations with full automation from a single app or touchpanel.  The speakers and amplifiers used are better than ever to faithfully reproduce the sound, just as the artist intended.
Fusion's line of Summit music servers were designed to fill a gap in the market, an audiophile quality music server capable of supporting 24/192 tracks and outputting 192kHz/24-bit sound that also seamlessly integrates with all the popular automation companies solutions.
Our music servers can play a client's music collection from another computer or NAS drive, an internet radio station, streaming services including:  Spotify, Pandora, Tune-In, iHeartRadio, SoundMachine and others coming soon,  as well as be an AirPlay receiver for the music on their mobile devices along with many of the most popular streaming services.
We have two-way IP drivers for companies like:  CONTROL4, URC, RTI, CRESTRON, COMPASS CONTROLS, ELAN, NILES & SPEAKERCRAFT
Our music servers can grow with a project's needs.  If a new discrete zone of music is required, simply install one of our servers in that zone and set it to player mode.

Finally... an HD quality music server for professionals!

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