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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to reset the network adapter on a Solo/Duet/CS-200
    Disconnect the power and network cables from the unit. Plug in just the power cable and wait 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, disconnect the power cable. Now reconnect the network and power cables and the unit will be discoverable from the Ovation Configuration Utility.
  • How to remotely manage a clients Solo/Duet/CS-200
    The first step will be to forward port 9720 (TCP) to the Solo, Duet, or CS-200. Now open up the Ovation Configuration Utility and select Address Book. Now select Add and enter in the external IP address. Double-Click to select the unit. Under Discovered Servers, double-click on the unit to connect to it.
  • How to set up multiple music servers on the same network as one main server and the rest as additional players
    If you have 2 or more music servers, you’ll want to start by opening up 2 configuration utilities. Within the first configuration utility, connect to the music server that you’d like to set as the master. Select File -> About… Enable Expert Mode and select OK. Within the main page of the configuration utility, click on Players, then select the Foreign Players tab. Now head over to the second configuration utility and connect to the unit that you’d like to utilize as just a player. Select Manage => Media Server => On/Off Choose Player(s) without a Server Select Use the following server and enter in the IP address of the master server, then select Apply. On the main page of the configuration utility, click on Players. Select the first player and click on Edit. Highlight the MAC address, right-click and select Copy. Head back to the first configuration utility and within the Foreign Players tab, select Add. Enter in the desired name for the player and paste in the MAC address. Now you’ll want to repeat the above steps if you have multiple players or additional units. After you are done, select apply to save the settings. You can now move onto the control system and enter in the IP address of the master server. Once applied, all of the available players will be selectable.
  • I’m not hearing audio from the supplied USB DAC?
    1: If the USB DAC was connected after the unit is powered on, you’ll want to reboot the unit so that it’s able to detect the DAC. Within the configuration utility, select Action => Reboot. 2: There are 2 ports on the USB DAC, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the left port.
  • The music service is not playing or skipping through tracks?
    1: If the account password has recently been changed, you’ll want to update the account credentials within the Ovation Configuration Utility. 2: Most paid streaming services only allow one stream per account. You’ll want to make sure the same account is not used on multiple players or other devices at the same time.
  • How to reset the network adapter on an EPIC movie server
    1) Power down the movie server by pressing the front power button once to initiate a proper shutdown. 2) Once the server has powered down, unplug the network cable. 3) Power on the movie server. 4) Wait for the movie server to reach the cover art GUI. 5) Re-connect the network cable. 6) Head into the set up menu (More Info button on the IR remote). 7) Navigate to Set Up => Network and select the Ethernet adapter. 8) Choose Dynamic and select Apply Now.
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