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There's no limit to the storage you can add to an EPIC system!



By adding our Storage License, you can add any high quality third party NAS server to grow your movie collection.


In addition, these servers are not required to be exclusive for the EPIC system. So feel free to use them to also store your photographs, important financial documents or anything you don't want to lose.





We have two storage licenses available. The sizes are the net storage (after RAID).  The NAS can be larger than the license size, but that license size is the actual limit for the amount of movies that can be added.

  • 12TB License

  • Unlimited Lifetime License




Not all NAS servers are equal. Many of the less expensive units are simply to slow and there's a risk of movies coming from the NAS pausing or skipping. You'll want at least a quad-core processor with 4GB of RAM.

It's best to give us a quick call at 925-217-1233 and we can give you the thumbs up on the model you're looking at.



Not all NAS servers are equal. Many of the less expensive units are simply too slow and has a risk of movies coming from the NAS to cause pausing or skipping.

If you've never built your own NAS or set up a RAID, let Fusion supply you with the NAS. We'll source, build and test a unit for you.  With the added advantage that it will be 100% ready to simply drop in your EPIC system.

A pedestal tower format designed to be placed on a shelf, counter, or desk. With their smaller footprint, they are good for jobs that have minimal space or an A/V rack with open shelves. They are often cheaper than rack mount units and produce less environmental noise. 

A rack mount format designed to be placed inside an A/V rack. They will generally take up 1-3U of space, depending on how many drive bays you need. With their slim form factor, they can sometimes produce more environmental noise. 

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