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The Summit OS is the latest version of our music server programming.  Along with all the other legacy features, there are several new enhancements with the Summit OS, including the ability to use multiple premium Pandora accounts, you'll also be able to manage multiple iTunes accounts.  Rather than simply synchronize those accounts, you can now attach any USB-based hard drive to your Summit enabled music server and using the iTunes Helper below, both synchronize and back up those iTunes accounts.  This means that you no longer need to keep the iTunes host computer turned on to listen to that music.


Click on the image above to download the setup wizard for Windows

Or click here for the Mac OSX version

Click on the image to the left for the Summit manual



This utility will be used on a client's computer to automatically synchronize and backup their iTunes accounts.  This can be used on multiple iTunes accounts and you'll need to have the utlity on each computer that has a iTunes account to sync that account.

NOTE: This video below shows a Play-Fi Server but any Summit enabled music server works this same way.

iTunes Helper (PC)

Click on graphic to download

iTunes Helper (MAC)

Click on graphic to download


The Summit OS, uses the same drivers as those used on the previous generation of Ovation Music Servers.


Control4, RTIURC, Compass Control, Elan, Niles and SpeakerCraft drivers are all available.


A free Crestron driver is available in beta format and is currently being certified by Crestron.

Visit the specific automation companies driver page in our Automation Partner section of this site.

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