June 2020 - SiriusXM Beta Release Notes

SiriusXM is now available to Summit based music servers as a beta. To get your SiriusXM plugin,you'll need to update both your Ovation Configuration Utility and your server(s).   First step is to open your Ovation Configuration Utility.  NOTE: if you do not have a configuration utility on your computer, download it here:

* NOTE: Our software does not currently support the Catalina OS


If you have an old configuration utility on your computer, simply select the music server to clear that pop up.

Look for the 'Update' button in the bottom right corner of the application. Click Update.  Upon reopening, you should see the App Version is (or newer). 


It should now find both a 'System Core' and a 'Plugin' update for your server.  Click on the update and once finished it will ask you to reboot the music server.


Once the system has completed the reboot, your new services screen will pop up.  You can then apply your SirisuXM credentials.


When testing the system, if you run into any unusual issues with the beta release, please email us at: