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Summit Music Servers Now Support USB DAC

SOLOs & DUETs are now shipping with a USB DAC.  You may use this DAC to gain an extra discrete source from your unit.  This means that SOLOs are now 2 discrete streams and DUETs are capable of 3 discrete streams.  If you wish to use a different DAC, we have listed some of the additional USB_DACs you can use.

Currently Approved DACs:

Recommended USB Hard Drive for Music Servers Synchronizing iTunes

WD 3TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive



Music Server Downloads:

Music Support Documents:

Ovation Summit OS:

Our Summit OS, is a much more powerful system that includes the ability to handle multiple premium Pandora accounts, multiple iTunes accounts as well as the ability to now backup those iTunes accounts to any attached USB-based hard drives.

iTunes Backup & Synchronization:

We have a utility (see link under Music Server Downloads) which is placed on a client's computer. It automatically synchronizes and backups their iTunes accounts to a USB hard drive connected to any Summit server.


This can be used to backup and monitor multiple iTunes accounts on the network.  Simply place the utility on each computer that has an iTunes account that you wish to sync.

NOTE: This video below shows a Play-Fi Server but any Summit enabled music server works this same way.

Legacy Music Server Downloads:

If you're using any OMS product shipped before August 1st, 2016 use the following links below:

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